First Conference Call

Fifth ELTE Workshop for Arts Education – EWAE 2022 (26-27 May 2022)

The Past and Present of Art Education – Reform Pedagogy (Progressive Education), Life Reform, and Children’s Culture

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) Faculty of Education and Psychology (Budapest, Hungary) invites practitioners and researchers of all art forms to meet in discipline-based sessions and interdisciplinary workshops at the 5th ELTE Workshop for Arts Education 2022 – EWAE 2022, an annual international event initiated by five faculties of ELTE in 2017. The conference is planned to be held in person.

The central themes of EWAE 2022 are related to the ongoing research at the Doctoral School of Education of the Faculty of Education and Psychology on art education and museum pedagogy from a social history perspective in relation to the 20th century life reform movement and its impact on contemporary art. Life reform (Lebensreform) emerged as a counterculture movement in the first half of the 20th century. Reform pedagogy, which developed in symbiosis with the various movements of life reform, had a lasting influence on children's culture, as well as on various innovative efforts in art and museum pedagogy through its approach to children and its methodological tools and practices.

EWAE 2022 also aims to present theoretical, historical, and practical research and innovations in dance, drama, music, and visual arts education. We invite theoretical and practical experts, doctoral, BA and MA students in the field of play, art education, museum pedagogy, and children’s and youth culture, as well as practitioners from educational institutions and museums to share their research results and practical experiences. The event means to facilitate international academic exchange on research and practical innovations in the field of art education.

The working languages of the conference are English and Hungarian.

Main themes of the conference

  1. Life reform and the arts – people, relationships, impacts
  2. Nature, naturalness, closeness to nature in art and museum education
  3. The impact of life reform and reform pedagogy on art and museum pedagogy
  4. The various reform movements and their relationship with innovative approaches in visual culture, music, dance, puppetry, children's literature, and drama pedagogy
  5. Art pedagogy trends in shaping the modern body and movement culture
  6. Research and training in contemporary art and art education in the fields of music, visual culture, drama, and children's culture
  7. Innovative research, methodology and good practices in art, art education, and museum pedagogy
  8. Pedagogical tools and methods of music, dance, and visual arts
  9. Children's and youth culture, children's art in the past and in the present
  10. The place and role of play in the various forms of formal education
  11. Intermodal collaborations, complex pedagogical models in the teaching and research of art education, children's culture, and play
  12. Art and science integration models

In addition to plenary lectures, thematic blocks and symposia in Hungarian and English, the event will also offer the opportunity to organise thematic art activities, workshops, and exhibition programmes.

Conference host

ELTE Faculty of Education and Psychology

H-1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 23–27.

Venue: YouTube

Important deadlines

10 December 2021: Call for papers

25 January 2022: Opening of conference website and registrations

25 January 2022: Submission of abstracts start

25 February 2022: Submission of abstracts ends

20 March 2022: Review results announced

30 April 2022: Online registration ends

30 April 2022: Deadline for payment of participation fee

Registration fees

20.000 HUF (early bird); 30.000 HUF (regular)

For students: 20.000 HUF (early bird); 25.000 HUF (regular)



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