Review criteria


Submissions will be evaluated by two independent reviewers appointed by the Scientific Programme Committee, according to the following criteria. Separate criteria will be used for the evaluation of theoretical and empirical papers (to be declared by the author at the time of uploading) and the symposium abstract.

Theoretical paper
  1. Theoretical/pedagogical background
  2. Discussion of theory
  3. Aspects of analysis and their relevance
  4. Originality
  5. Overall quality, structure and style
  6. Theoretical and empirical relevance
Empirical paper
  1. Theoretical/pedagogical background
  2. Aims, research questions and hypotheses
  3. Research methodology
  4. Presentation and interpretation of results
  5. Overall quality, structure and style
  6. Theoretical and empirical relevance
Symposium summary
  1. Aims
  2. Coherence
  3. Overall quality, structure and style
  4. Theoretical and empirical relevance

The evaluation criteria of ‘good practices’
  1. Context of the program/project/innovation, roles of the participants and creators, activities
  2. Defining development objectives
  3. Creativity in student activities, and/or improvisational elements in the activity, other pedagogical values of the program (e.g. complexity, talent development)
  4. Impact analysis of the program/project (self-assessment, results analysis, quality assurance, etc.), adaptability
  5. Professionalism of the description (abstract), displaying history, style, linguistic formalization

In each category, reviewers will score papers between 0 and 5, and may include an optional short written evaluation. If there is a difference of more than 10 points between the total scores of the two reviewers, the Scientific Program Committee will invite a third reviewer to evaluate the papers.

The final decision on acceptance will be made by the Scientific Program Committee, based on the total points given by the reviewers. The decision may be (1) accepted; (2) rejected; (3) reclassified. Reclassification means that a symposium paper may be included in the programme as a paper presentation, or a paper as a poster. In case of reclassified papers, authors may declare via e-mail ( whether they wish to present their work in the suggested format.

Acceptance does not automatically imply publication in the abstracts booklet. This will only be on the condition that the participant pays the conference fee by the deadline.